La Montura

Our premium product from Argentina uses mainly Aberdeen Angus, Bradford and Brangus a breed world famous for its exquisitely tender, juicy beef and rich marbling. This is due to the fact that only oxen are used, as these grow far more slowly than bulls or cows, thus ensuring a more balanced ageing.

The brand name “La Montura” comes from the rearing of the cattle in herds on the untouched green pastures of the Argentine Pampas by the famous gauchos of Argentina. The cattle thereby matures in its natural habitat and feeds exclusively off the green pastures and clear waters of this environmentally untouched region. The result is cattle rearing that is natural, stress-free and animal-friendly, with freedom and movement, and one of the healthiest beef products in the world. The quality of this tender, exquisite and full-flavoured beef has also been documented by its excellent nutritional and physiological characteristics: a mere 6 g of fat and 60 mg of cholesterol represent values that even surpass those of chicken.

A study published by the University of Bristol’s Faculty of Medical and Veterinary Sciences states that pasture-raised, grass-fed animals contain significantly higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E than those found in animals that are raised on cereal-based feed. These large quantities of healthy fatty acids are otherwise only found in saltwater fish. The rearing of the animals is rounded off by the use of a small number of select, constantly supervised slaughterhouses, where the beef is carefully sliced into straight beef cuts so that it can be evenly calibrated by the customer without any losses.

This procedure guarantees up to 15% less waste, particularly in the case of sirloin steak. Only the very best and most even cuts are then chosen to bear the La Montura brand. The subsequent vacuum packing of this exquisite beef occurs using state-of-the-art technology, thus ensuring minimal blood loss and an appealing, high quality packaging for the product. This allows the beef to mature naturally during the four to five week sea journey, so that it arrives at its destination in the very best condition.

HQB Trading GmbH is committed to the very highest standards of quality and supplies the La Montura premium brand 365 days a year.
The products are manufactured exclusively for HQB Trading by Quickfood SA or by Black Bamboo, Hughes in Argentina.