Irish Lamb

The unique flavour of Irish lamb makes it one of the best lamb products worldwide. This premium quality is achieved by ensuring the animal-friendly rearing of free-range sheep in the ideal environment of Ireland’s endless hilly landscapes: amid crystal clear rivers; lush, grassy meadows; salty sea air and a mild, temperate climate. Natural nutrition and plenty of movement in the unspoilt Irish nature thereby guarantee the renowned meaty consistency and quality.

In order to ensure the unique and unrivalled quality of our products, our lamb is carefully selected and imported only from the most quality-conscious, humane raising and ecologically sound producers in the country. Small family-run farms that rear their animals in harmony with nature see to it that this remains the case by passing on their traditions. The breeding of the animals without the use of any antibiotics, hormones, feed additives, flavour enhancers or even gene technology; and a feeling for the well-being of each and every single animal, allows them to supply one of the most full-flavoured and healthy meat products around; and one that stands out with its especially tender, juicy and mild taste. The fact that the animals feed exclusively off the nature around them results in a lamb product that is rich in minerals, protein and vitamin B.

HQB rack and shank of lamb

Freshness and Quality

The freshness of the meat and the very high hygiene and quality standards, which are ensured by regular quality inspections, thereby guarantee a consistently excellent quality. In addition to freshness and quality, we also ensure the humane, resource friendly and traceable raising of all our products.

Only by doing so can we guarantee the premium quality of our lamb and meet the very high standards that we have set ourselves for the trading of high-quality meat products.

Every single one of our partners is accredited as a Class A Company by the EFSIS – the European Food Safety Inspection Service.

Our Irish lamb product is available all year round.